In order to deploy the unbeatable security cover of Norton on your computing device, you must access “”. This webpage will assist you in acquiring Norton’s Setup File by activating your subscription. With the help of this file, you can install an outstanding security solution on your system.

Setup Norton at “”

Access Website

  1. First and foremost, launch an Internet Browser that you commonly use on your Computer. To name a few, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, etc.
  2. Then, go to the Setup webpage of the official Norton website. In other words, enter “” as the URL in your Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit “Enter”.


Sign In/ Sign Up

Consequently, it leads you to Norton’s  Activation and Setup window. Here, you will notice a highlighted button prompting “Enter A Product Key”. For this, look at the middle section of this window. Now, click on it and proceed further with “”.   

Sign Up

  • As a result, it leads you to the Account Creation Page of  “”. This is because Norton Account is essential for acquiring your purchased product. 
  • Now, this window requires your Profile Information as mentioned below. Therefore, provide the required details accurately in the respective text fields.   

A. Email Address: Enter a working Email Address that you want to associate with this account. Make sure to use the one provided at the time of purchase. 

B. Confirm Email Address: Re-enter the same Email Address as given above and confirm it.

C. Password: Provide a “Password” that you want to use for securing this account. Make sure it is strong and unique. Besides that, it follows the specified criteria.

          1. At least 8 characters in length
          2. Must contain a lowercase letter
          3. Must contain an uppercase letter
          4. Includes a number
          5. Must include a symbol

D. First Name: Enter your first name

E. Last Name: Provide your last name

F. Mobile Phone Number: Select your “Country Code” appropriately and provide an active Mobile Phone Number.

G. Country: Click on the drop-down box and properly select your “Country” or “Region”.

  • Besides that, you can permit “” for sending “product updates, offers, and security newsletters” on your Email Address. For this, you must select the respective checkbox. However, you can also leave it unselected as this is optional.
  • In addition to that, you must review the “Privacy Policy” at “” in order to proceed further. For this, you should click on the link given for it and access the document. Then, read the same properly and close it.
  • Finally, click on “Create Account” and set up your Account.
  •  Thereafter, you must validate the Email Address given for account creation. For this, access the concerned Email Account. Then, open the Confirmation Email that you get from “”. Subsequently, click on the given Verification Link.

Sign In

  1. After successfully creating your Norton Account, proceed to access the same. For this, get back to the Account Creation webpage at “”.
  2. Now, select the “Sign In” tab.
  3. Next, you must provide your Email Address that was used for creating this account. 
  4. Then, enter the respective “Password” accurately.
  5. Besides that, you can opt for “Remember me on this device” by clicking the checkbox beside it.  However, this is optional. Hence, select it only if you want your system to save your Norton login credentials
  6. Additionally, access the “Privacy Policy” document by clicking on the respective link. After that, read the terms attentively.
  7. Finally, click on “Sign In”.  

Get Started

  1. Once you have access to your account portal at “”, click on “Get Started”.
  2. Thereafter, click “Enter A Product Key” and go to its activation window.
  3. Subsequently, you must provide your unique Product Key correctly. You can find this 25-digit alphanumeric in your Purchase Confirmation Email or the Retail Card.
  4. After that, click “Next”.

Download “”

  1. After activating your Product Key, “” gives you a secure download link in your Account.
  2. Therefore, the first thing to do is to search your Norton Account for the purchased product that needs installation on your system.
  3. Besides the product name, you will find an “Agree and Download” button. Hence, click on it and begin the download.
  4. Thereafter, wait for the download to complete properly as it will take time.